About Kapow

Snowboarding with my co-pilotKapow soap originated in 1994 near the shores of Lake Tahoe in a little cottage. Oatmeal, the very first batch brewed was plain and simple, but also fabulous for softening dry, scaly outdoor skin.

My friends and I stopped needing so much lotion. Terrific for healthy skin!

Sunflowers in bloomToday, Kapow soap is brewed amidst fields of flowers and herbs on a tiny farm in Michigan. In the past 25 years, Kapow has brewed over 25 different flavors. Our recipe has not changed in all those years, but we now offer our 10 best flavors across the country.



Display rack in storeKapow soap sells!

  • Beautiful custom made display boxes
  • Eight amazing bestselling flavors
  • Every order freshly sliced
  • Perfect for any store
  • Custom stamps available
Please give us a try. Your customers will be delighted!

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